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Site Selection
& Planning

Navix helps clients make informed decisions on site selection and acquisition. From performing desktop feasibility reviews to acting as the prime consultant leading multi-disciplinary teams of experts, we play a major role in site acquisition efforts for companies throughout the world. Our ability to analyze regulatory impacts and uncover infrastructure constraints while presenting the information in a clear, concise, and actionable format allows our clients to make the best choices quickly and accurately.

Navix engineers quickly and adeptly conceptualize project site plans so clients can visualize their development options. Our staff has the 3-D grading expertise to quickly evaluate on-site challenges, including earthwork quantities and retaining wall estimates, in real-time. We understand what makes a site work and our keen eye for detail helps our clients develop project sites that are fully optimized for their needs.

Land Use Planning

Navix is adept at developing conceptual site layouts that optimize developable area and maximize design opportunities. Our creativity is firmly grounded in an expansive knowledge of functionality, constructability, and jurisdictional requirements.

From site planning through site investigations, due diligence and permitting, the Navix team helps clients navigate the process from concept through regulatory approvals. Our designers identify challenges, costs, and schedule considerations so the client can understand the best path to fulfilling the project’s vision.


Utilities. Stormwater. Earthwork. Sidewalks. Pavement. These are basic elements of any site development project. At Navix, we look at each element as an opportunity to create a site that isn’t forced together but instead complements the development goals for the project.

Navix engineers focus on integrating civil design elements in an intuitive manner with the aesthetic, environmental, and functional goals of a project. We never lose sight of financial constraints and the permitting and construction schedule. Navix excels at developing and fostering positive relationships with jurisdictions while advocating for our clients throughout the planning, permitting, construction, and operations of the project.

Sustainable Design

To us, sustainability is not just getting a high score on a particular rating system; it is implementing natural, cost-effective, and site-healing design elements that conserve materials, maximize life-cycle cost, and integrate cohesively within the site environment.

Navix takes a holistic view of sustainability and looks to leverage opportunities, challenges, and current technology to provide sustainable design solutions customized to each project site. Alongside the design team, our group of passionate engineers integrate sustainable civil design elements and identify, explore, and facilitate solutions to turn challenges into opportunities.

From incorporating reused and responsible materials to integrating stormwater, graywater, and even blackwater into the landscape and public spaces, Navix has the expertise to achieve your project sustainability goals.

Integrated Water Development

The Navix team has implemented water- and wastewater-saving technologies for developments of all types, from mission critical facilities to mixed-use developments, parks, and civic spaces. From the earliest stages of concept planning, we help clients analyze life-cycle costs for the water cycle today, tomorrow, and for the life of the development. We also have the necessary hands-on experience to be an integral part of the implementation and operation of lasting water- and wastewater-saving features.

Project Management

We pride ourselves on being more than just a civil project manager; we are the client’s project advocate. We aim to be one step ahead of the game at all times by providing the most professional and proactive project management service. From site selection through land use approvals, design, and construction, Navix engineers help clients identify critical success factors and advise on the right tactics to implement and achieve project goals. We treat our clients’ projects as our own and their success is our purpose.