Brook Jacksha, P.E.Principal

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At a very young age, Brook knew engineering was for him when he accompanied his father and a team of engineers up Mount Saint Helens only weeks after its eruption to chart new roads and drainage paths.  Upon graduating from the University of Portland and finishing his collegiate baseball career for the Pilots, Brook joined a Seattle engineering firm, where he focused on exciting projects around the world. Experiences like shoring up buildings full of priceless art and leading unique projects, such as the Seattle Sonics SODO Arena and the San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (the busiest land port of entry in the world), allowed Brook to develop innovative ways of resolving challenges for his clients and project teams.  For Brook, it is not about receiving accolades, but about building community and fostering strong relationships.

Given the chance, Brook will bend your ear about living life, his time in Panama with his wife and five children, and getting chased by grizzly bears outside of Yellowstone with his oldest son.  When he’s not inspiring you to think about development in a new light, he can be found coaching on the ballfields of Kirkland or being the biggest kid on an adventure somewhere.